Intelometry regularly maintains retail electricity forward curves for energy, capacity, transmission, ancillary services and other retail uplifts for deregulated states and associated ISOs nationwide. Each data set also incorporates shaping, select risk premiums, capacity scaling factors and other items necessary to generate retail energy price quotes. Curve sets are furnished either by ISO or state.

All curves are provided in an hourly format for a one (1) year forward period. Forward curves are constructed using Intelometry’s internal methodologies combined with available ISO and market data. Curves are generated using Intelometry’s inRetail system and are provided to customers in an easily consumable Excel format.

Forward Curve Creation and Maintenance

Intelometry collects market and tariff data from a number of sources and uses proprietary methods to structure and generate our forward curves. All history of collected data and generated curves is maintained. Curves are updated on a continual basis to remain current with the market and ISO billing guides.