Independent System Operators (ISOs) across the country post market, tariff and load data on their websites. This data is found at multiple locations on each ISO website and can be difficult to find and time consuming to collect. Intelometry makes it easy by collecting all manner of ISO data on an ongoing basis, converting this data to easily consumable file formats and providing it to customers. All data sets include both current and historical data.

All ISO data subscribers receive Excel based data sets containing locational marginal price ("LMP") and ancillary services data. Capacity, transmission and load data is also provided for select ISOs. All data sets contain historical data that spans back one (1) year.

ISO data purchases will be e-mailed within three (3) business days. Large data sets may be zipped and sent in multiple e-mails. For extremely large purchases data will be provided via a File Transfer Protocol (“FTP”). Instructions for data access will be provided when an FTP data transfer is required.

Intelometry provides ISO data subscription options that ensure our customers are always using the most up to date ISO data to facilitate retail energy market operations and analysis. To learn more about Intelometry data subscriptions contact us at (832) 399-8900 or by clicking the Contact Us link below.

ISO Data Storage and Maintenance

Intelometry continually collects and maintains an array of ISO market and tariff based data as well as published load data. The collection process ensures that final settlement overrides initial settlement on an ongoing basis. LMP data is updated daily, while other data elements are updated as new data becomes available from each ISO.