Intelometry’s load profile service includes load profile forecasts, backcasts and historical actuals for many utilities in deregulated markets across the U.S. Subscribers receive two Excel based files for every utility subscribed to; one file containing load profile forecasts and the other containing load profile settlements and/or backcasts. Each delivered file contains hourly data for each load profile provided. Each load profile provides one (1) year of forecasted data and one (1) year of settlement and backcast data.

All load profile names will be formatted as “Utility_LP_Profile”. Forecasted load profiles will contain “_PM” at the end of their names. For example, AECO load profile NJAAS will be named as follows:

  • Settlement/Backcast Load Profile:
  • Forecast Load Profile:

Load profile data purchases will be e-mailed within three (3) business days. Large data sets may be zipped and sent in multiple e-mails. For extremely large purchases data will be provided via a File Transfer Protocol (“FTP”). Instructions for data access will be provided when an FTP data transfer is required.

Intelometry provides load profile subscription options that ensure our customers are always using the most up to date load profiles to facilitate retail energy market operations and analysis. To learn more about Intelometry data subscriptions contact us at (832) 399-8900 or by clicking the Contact Us link below.

Load Profile Forecasts

Intelometry models and forecasts standard load profiles for a multitude of utilities nationwide. Profiles are generated using weather response functions, sometimes provided by the utilities themselves, combined with the latest hourly historical, forecast and normalized weather data. Intelometry produces hourly forecasts and backcasts for all profiles and utilities each business day. Each load profile provides one (1) year of forecasted data.

Load Profile Settlements and Backcasts

Utility settlement and backcast files contain historical hourly settlement and/or backcast data for each load profile. The end date of each profile is always the day prior to the day the file was posted. Settlement profile data is collected by Intelometry for utilities on a regular basis. When actual profile settlement data is either not available or only partially available, Intelometry fills the missing historical period with backcast data generated using weather response functions. Each load profile provides one (1) year of settlement and backcast data.